Pozos Dulces – Malaga Historic Center Apartments

Every day in Malaga, you can experience the buzz of city life combined with the sea breeze and the beaches. The last decade has seen a dramatic change as the city has transformed its image from that of an industrial city to become a flourishing cultural centre. The city has an international airport and offers a wide range of attractions. Malaga has become a cultural centre with over 30 museums, including the Picasso Museum, the Centre Pompidou and the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

Malaga is the biggest city on the Costa del Sol and the capital of the province of Malaga. The city centre is inhabited by just over half a million people, while the entire urban area is home to nearly a million, making Malaga Spain’s fifth largest city. There is a subtropical Mediterranean climate so the city enjoys sunshine all year and has some of the warmest winters in Europe, with a daytime temperature that rarely falls below 15 degrees. The port, the beach and the historical city centre have been redeveloped over the years and now offer a diversity of culture and commerce, as well as Andalusian cuisine.

The fast-growing city of Malaga is a fascinating place that combines a rich, unique history with massive development and investment potential. It is said that Malaga has the best climate in Europe. Along with its relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, this makes it the perfect place to enjoy the good life. The pace of life is slower here than in the northern cities of Spain, perhaps because the sun shines so much and because the warmth lingers on far into late autumn.

Malaga is a city of culture, and the birthplace of both Pablo Picasso and flamenco. When you are not visiting museums or other attractions or attending concerts, you can spend your days on the beach close to the centre.

Right in the centre of Malaga, in the Centro Historico, we are currently developing 11 spacious apartments with a ceiling height of 4 metres and a total floor area of around 840 m2. A magnificent warehouse made of concrete and limestone is being transformed in an urban industrial style into the coolest place to live in the city. The location of the complex has a uniquely calm, relaxing feel, while the buzz of city life is close by.

*All images in this presentation are intended to be seen as examples and sources of inspiration to show you the type of architecture and construction.
The images are virtual recreations with decorative elements, furniture and vegetation that are not part of the offer.



Industrial design with unique spaciousness

The property is centrally located at Calle Pozos Dulces 12-14

Each apartment is a separate property

11 apartments that are unique in design and area

Area: 55 – 100 m2

Ceiling height: approximately 4 m


*The information on this website is preliminary and does not constitute a contractual basis. Information on the development of the projects will be published regularly.

Full documents of sale, including construction descriptions, type descriptions of the apartments, drawings, etc., will be supplied before the contract is signed.
The images are virtual recreations with decorative elements, furniture and vegetation that are not part of the offer.


Location Malaga CITY – Centro Historico, Calle Pozos Dulces.
Total project area approx. 840 m2
Number of apartments 11
Apartment area approx. 55-100 m2
Option Classic Living "Service Lifestyle"
Other information Room height 4.2 + 4.12 m (option to fit out the loft) 
Two lifts 
Each apartment is a separate property


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